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Grand Lake Fishing Guides and Much More    Catch Catfish with this new system.

Catfish are some of the most fun fishing there is and can be enjoyed ny all ages. There are several different methods to catch catfish.There is the Rod and Reel, Catfish Jugs, and Trotlines.  Catfish are some of the best eating fish there is and is always fun for a family fish fry.  Take a look through these web pages and discover the How to, What ot, Where to and When to for Catfishing.

The guides at Grand Lake are constantly being asked when the best month of the year is fish is at Grand Lake. Of course, the best time is really "when you can go" since each year can be and is different. Howevere, here are some general "guide"lines.( Pardon the pun) The truth is fish are caught year round on Grand Lake so as we say "Lets Go Fishing!"

When to Fish Grand Lake Oklahoma

JANUARY                        FEBRUARY                    MARCH
Back Bass                          Back Bass                     Back Bass
Crappie                             Crappie                        Crappie
White Bass                        White Bass                    White Bass
Catfish                              Catfish                         Catfish
Spoonbill Snagging (Lake)  Spoonbill Snagging (River)  Big Blue Catfish (30 lbs. Plus)
                                                                          Spoonbill Snagging (River)

APRIL                              MAY                             JUNE
Back Bass                         Back Bass                      Back Bass
Crappie                            Crappie                         Crappie
White Bass                        White Bass                     White Bass
Catfish                             Catfish                          Catfish
Spoonbill Snagging (River)

JULY                             AUGUST                        SEPTEMBER
Back Bass                        Back Bass                        Back Bass
White Bass                      White Bass                       White Bass
Catfish                             Catfish                               Catfish

                     NOVEMBER                    DECEMBER
Back Bass                      Back Bass                         Back Bass
Crappie                         Crappie                            Crappie
White Bass                     White Bass                        Catfish
Catfish                            Catfish
                             Big Blue Catfish (30 lbs. Plus) Big Blue Catfish (30 lbs. Plus)

Black Bass...Year round. Wnter can be great if the lake is not muddy.
Crappie... October until June. Summer months are usually slow.
White Bass... January thru November. We always catch the biggest
one in January and February Spawners in the river March and April.
There is great fishing in the main lake all summer and fish the
points in the fall.
Catfish... Year round. Big Blue Cats over 30 lbs in November, December and March.
Spoonbill snagging...December and January in the lake. February, March and April in the river.


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