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Grand Lake Area Towns

Because Grand Lake is so large there are a number of towns and towns in very close proximity.   Grand Lake
is actually located in four counties of northeast Oklahoma. The biggest portion is located in Delaware County.
The other three are Craig, Mayes and Ottawa Counties. The main town on Grand lake is Grove, OK while the
main town at the Pensacola Dam is Langley. Lets start at the dam and work our way from south grand to the
center area to the north.  On the west side of the dam is Langley and on the east side is Disney and Tiajuana
  to Eucha, Jay and Zena. Moving up the west side there is Ketchum, Bird Island, Cleora, Bernice and
Monkey Island. Then north to Afton, Fairland and Miami. From Monkey Island cross Sailboat Bridge to Grove
and north to Wyandotte or back south to Jay. There are several exits off of Interstate I-44 to get to Grand Lake.
They are Miami, Afton/Fairland/Grove, Vinita and Big Cabin.



Grand Lake Locator Map which also shows the location of some of the towns, developments and gated communities.

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