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The Chronicle of Grand Lake
The Voice of the Grand Lake area

Located in  Northeastern Oklahoma's Green Country is Grand Lake O' the Cherokees, and the fun place to laugh, love and be merry in Oklahoma! There is always something going on ... places to go, things to see & things to do. Right in the middle of this fantastic area is the "Voice of Grand Lake" which has not only  promoted  this wonderful area, but is a service to the community as well.

Brian & Sue Ruth, Publishers, The Chronicle of Grand LakeThe Publisher Brian Ruth and His Boss Sue orchestrate this publication, so every Thursday people can pick up their free copy of the Chronicle to find out what has happened during the past week and what is in store for next week. If there is something going on, you will find them there, and it's very possible Bart Montgomery will take your picture. You then could be reported as a fun person. Imagine that!  You will see these guys everywhere whether its a Chili Cook Off, a Poker Run, The Grand Lake Rally, The Pelican Festival, The annual 4th of July fireworks display on Duck Creek ... You name it. If  it's has to do with Grand Lake, they are there including public meetings with G.R.D.A or interviewing our State Representative Doug Cox. They get involved with fund raisers and Brian was the chairman for the Grand Lake Rally. We sometimes wonder how they manage to get so much done because they stay so busy. It must be a labor of love and the Grand Lakers love their Chronicle!

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Chronicle Cover from June 2008 Chronicle Cover from July 2008
Grand Lake is such a special place

See the Grand Lake Picture Show for a series of pictures from around the lake showing people, places, festivals, wild life, the lake and more. We love to share this little piece of paradise so come join us at Grand Lake. Most of these pictures are provided as a courtesy from the Chronicle of Grand Lake, Brian Ruth Publisher. Many were taken by a talented photographer.. his boss Sue Ruth as well as Chronicle staffer Bart Montgomery. Even Dave Wagenblatt contributed a few. Thanks everyone for helping to showcase scenes from Grand Lake. Enjoy!

Grand Lake Map


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