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Jugs by Bert  fishing system  
Jugs by Bert    

How would you like to catch huge catfish on a regular basis?  Well here is an old idea that has  been improved upon and revolutionized jugline fishing with a patented product that is almost fool proof. It is the Jugs by Bert fishing system and you can discover how it works here. This is nothing but fun!!!  We can almost guarantee you will catch so many fish you'll  get tired of cleaning. So check this out and get ready for lots of fish frys. Jug fishing has been done by catfishermen for many years, typically with an emty milk jugs, some line, a weight, and hook. These have alway had a problem with storage and jug lines getting tangled. Add to that the a problem catching the catfish  at differtent dephs. 15 feet deep? 30 feet deep? 60 feet deep? No more problems! That has all changed with the Jugs by Bert Fishing System as you see here. You too can be catching fish like you see below. This is so much fun we can hardly stand it

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  Why choose Jugs by Bert?Take a look at the ALTERNATIVE.....

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With 30 feet of line on this jug..........You can't fish 10 feet deep!! What would you do with the extra line? You can't fish 70 feet deep either!!!

Jugs by Bert comes with 70' of 80 pound test line.

If you are trying to set this jug on the bottom at 30', and your boat drifts off into 35' of water............your jug floats off.

With Jugs by Bert, you just adjust your line according to the depth, in 5 seconds.

Fishing in 15 foot deep with 30 feet of line on your jug? What happens to the extra 15 feet of line? It lays on the bottom!!

Again, with Jugs by Bert, you adjust your depth in seconds.

How do you store these jugs????? There are a lot of tangled lines, just waiting to happen!

With Jugs by Bert, the line and hooks attach to the jugs and you can store seven in a five gallon bucket. No more tangled lines!

How can you tell if a fish has hit "this" jug? The only way you can tell if a fish has hit this jug is if the catfish in "ON" and pulling it under the water. You will never know if a fish has hit it and taken your bait.

With Jugs by Bert, our patented jug will flip over to the RED side when a catfish hits your bait. This will let you know there may be a fish on your jug.... or that the catfish may have taken your bait off and it is time to "re-bait".

Catfish caught using the Jugs by Bert System      Catfish caught at Grand Lake


To find out more. Book a guided fishing trip for Catfish,

Spoonbill Catfish, Crappie, and White Bass on Grand Lake, Oklahoma.

Also Striper at Beaver Lake.

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hay427 (1 year ago)

 I agree with Average Fisherman and Fatboy Dan! You need to get the word out! I bought mine at the Tulsa boat show, but I had NEVER even heard of them before we saw them. I have to say though once I saw them and heard a little bit about them, I was hooked (pun).

river3782 (2 years ago)

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Just like the Average Fisherman said Looks as if the stars/rating says it all They look good just need a person like me/FATBOY DAN and Average Fisherman to do a video showing the world how good they look/work


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